The process

All our pieces are made at the highest level of integrity

Continuous inspiration in museums, art galleries and adventures with my dogs.

Visits to vintage stores, my favorite ones in Berlin.

Selection of noble materias at the Florence Fair (Italy) where the experts teach you what's new in spinning, always looking at and studying the most pleasant, noble and conscious materias.

In my studio in Madrid the design begins, the first colors, mixing everything I have seen, I draw different and harmonic combinations. The painting helps me to define the structures of the jacquards, the Florence Fair to mix the materials with meaning.

I send my drawings to the family factory specialized in knitting in Toledo (Spain) and my Jacquard designs are analyzed and studied. We value sizes, thicknesses and softness and make the pertinent changes.

Once the quality is defined, we develop the pattern of the piece, first by hand by me giving the necessary measurements.

The seamstresses sew the different pieces of the pattern and I test my designs on different real bodies to ensure that my pieces adapt perfectly to all types of bodies.

The production is done meticulously on a small scale in the family factory in Toledo.

The pieces are sent to my studio in Madrid where I also have my warehouse.

From here I do the labeling of the clothes and wait for the clients to fall in love with the product.